Join more than 2,500 developers and IT experts at the leading developers conference and expo in Europe.


The attendees are Web, mobile & software developers, IT specialists of various niches (IT security, data specialists, platform specialists), IT consultants, business analysts, professionals and students who are working at the intersection of business and IT.
The official language of the conference is English, due to the international aspect of the speakers and attendees. You however, can speak whatever language you like at the event.
Uh, no. But here’s where you can find some: http://www.australia.com/en
WeAreDevelopers 2017 does not have a dress code, but business casual is a common trend.
Yes, we will provide a wardrobe service for WeAreDevelopers 2017 conference attendees. However, we are not liable for any items being misplaced, damaged, or lost.


Visit: www.wearedevelopers.org to purchase your Conference Pass or Conference Pass Plus directly from our site. You will receive an email with your ticket. At the event, you can show your printed ticket or present the QR code from your mobile device.
Yes, our tickets are sold in phases. Every 150 tickets sold the price increases from the Early Bird phases up to the regular price. Better act fast!
The ticket sale phases are not time-bound. The price increases after every 150 tickets sold.
  • Access to both conference days
  • Access to all keynotes, stage talks, panels, roundtables & interactive sessions
  • Access to exclusive workshops
  • Access to the expo area and developers playground
  • Access to the WeAreDevelopers party
  • Participation in interactive competitions & activities
  • Breakfast, coffee, snacks
  • WeAreDevelopers conference T-Shirt
  • WeAreDevelopers welcome bag
  • Developers Starter Toolkit worth > €1,000

All components of Conference Pass, plus…

  • Access to the Executive Education Area
  • Access to the VIP & Speakers Lounge
  • Free drinks & food in the VIP Area
  • Get the best seats at the Main Stage
  • Exclusive Premium badge
  • Express entry lane
  • Conference Polo shirt
  • Additional exclusive benefits


Yes, there will be breakfast, coffee, and snacks as long as supplies last. Sponsors will also be offering refreshments throughout the event. Also, there will be food trucks available at the venue for additional meal purchases.
Of course! Conference Pass Plus holders get exclusive access to the VIP Area in which there will be a buffet and drinks for free.
Yes, you can definitely upgrade your Conference Pass to a Conference Pass Plus. You cannot though downgrade from a Conference Pass Plus to a Conference Pass. How? You can update the information on your order (like name, email address, or answers to the organizer’s questions) by clicking your order on the “Tickets” page. If you don’t see an “Edit” link after selecting your order, the event organizer has disabled attendees’ ability to change order information. Here, you can send a message to the organizer by clicking “Contact” at the bottom of the event listing. For more info: https://www.eventbrite.com/support/articles/en_US/How_To/how-to-update-your-ticket-registration-information?lg=en_US
Sure, that lucky person gets to come with your ticket if you decide to do so. Just log in to your Eventbrite account and change your ticket information.
Nope. But you can transfer it to another lucky friend.
Both passes allow access to both event days. Don’t worry, no double price.
Nope, either you are all in or all out. Once you’re scanned your Conference Pass or Conference Pass Plus the ticket is not transferable. BUT, you can both purchase tickets from http://www.wearedevelopers.org/ and come together to enjoy both days.
Why not? The more the merrier. For 10+ person groups please contact: tickets@wearedevelopers.org.
Yes, you can sell your ticket to another person, it’s your loss if you don’t come. However, be warned, that as soon as you purchase your WeAreDevelopers 2017 conference through a third-party provider, WeAreDevelopers 2017 and Everbrite customer service can no longer assist you with any issues. Buying or selling through another ticket provider (other than Everbrite) is always a risk not worth taking.
Yes, the student ticket will be set at a fixed 99€ price as the ticket phases become more expensive. So, get it while it’s still cheaper.


Yes, we have a number of partnerships with hotels in which we’ll have discounted accommodation prices.
Bad news: No free parking. Good news: It’s cheap. BOE Garage: Parkhaus Neu Marx (Entry: Hermine Jursa Gasse 11)
  • Flat rate: € 5 from 18.00-24.00
  • Hourly rate: € 1,90
  • Daily maximum: €20
Here’s a handy dandy map:

Public Transportation (Vienna) U3:
  • Stop at Erdberg station (exit Nottendorfergasse):
10 min by foot
  • Stop at Schlachthausgasse station (exit Markhofgasse):
10 min by foot Tram 18:
  • Stop at Viehmarktgasse station:
5 min by foot Tram 71:
  • Stop at St. Marx station:
5 min by foot Bus 74A:
  • Stop at Viehmarktgasse station:
5 min by foot Bus 80A:
  • Stop at Neu Marx station:
1 min by foot
Yes, contact hello@wearedevelopers.org for more information about our company and initiatives.
Yes, go to our “Press” section to get all the information.
WeAreDevelopers GmbH, Garnisongasse 3/Top 9, 1090 Vienna, Austria.